Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love for orange cake with dark chocolate buttercream- JINI

Hello all...Anniversary how lovely.....I bake this for a colleague Jini who was celebrating their 12th SILK wedding anniversary....Jini wanted orange cake but i add in marmalade and reduced the sugar and for icing she wanted dark chocolate with orange taste so that was what I did.I took more then an hour looking at the baked cake on how to decorate it, and came up the idea of making white heart chocs from my new silicone mould...(wow 1st for you Jini) and it turn out very well...(i use beryl white choc).....I am very happy the way it turn out n I hope and wish a        Happy 12 Anniversay to JINI & RAMESH  29 january 2010 with love from Aida

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


How To Order Cupcakes:

1. Choose the size of the cupcakes
(For the minimum order you can choose up to 2 flavours, the use of up to 5 colours and the design is limited to simple works. For logos or characters please refer to the add on)
2. Choose the flavour(s) of the cupcakes
3. Choose the topping / frosting for the cupcakes
Toppings are inclusive of the cupcake price except for fondant)
4. Choose any of the add ons to make your cupcakes


1.Mini Cupcakes (1.5")Sizes.RM 1.40 each
For minimum order of 50 pcs total RM70.00

2.Midi Cupcakes (2.5")    RM 2.80 each
For minimum order of 25 pcs total of RM 70.003.Mini Souffle Cupcakes (2")RM 2.00 each
For minimum order of 36 pcs total of RM 72.00

4.Midi Souffle Cupcakes (2.5")RM 3.50 each
For minimum order of 25 pcs total of RM 70.00

Double Chocolate
Chocolate Mint
White Chocolate
Lemon Poppy Seed

American Buttercream
add RM 1.00 each

Add On
Fondant Hearts RM 0.50 each
Sugarpaste Flowers (Roses)RM 1.50 each
Sugarpaste Flowers (Bunches)RM 1.50 each
Clear Box with Ribbons RM 15.00 each

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ok guys.....I will be back and this time something for Valentine & Chinese New Year......

I will have it in my blog the soonest........................anyway to collective and stay young always....
Bye to you and kisses..

My Recent Blooms

       Queen Rose

                                                                   My Valentine Rose

Chocolate cake top with Coffee icing

I really need to get a new blurr....
My boss at the last minute ask me to bake a cake for an informal gathering...He wanted Chocolate Cake with Coffee icing .......well here it is......

Dear Boss, thank you ....

Wedding Cake for Sangeeta & Prem Kumar

They were engaged in August 09 and the wedding was in December 09.
I was given the opportunity to bake this wedding cake for them....
Had no clue whatsoever but just did whatever my instint says and I think
I did ok..
Cake - Plain butter cake ( Sangeeta wanted it plain but not sweet)
Icing  - White butter icing with lemon flavor....
Decor- Fondant floral - plain rose( need to sharpen my roses) and wedding bells.....oh my it was so sweet I was in tears.


Hi ...its been awhile......

Salam to all and not to late to wish a Happy New Year 2010..
I have been very very busy at work and also baking for orders and everyday
I tell myself I must update the blog usual....time not permissable.....
Well...let me share what I have here....
This is a 12 pieces hantaran cupcakes request by Noolis from Klang Lama.She wanted this for her neighbour.
The color theme is creamy brown.
Butter haselnut cake with fondant icing....placed in a matching box.....
Noorlis.....Thank you..Glad your neighbour like it very much....

I did various flavors muffins for Shikin for her daughter's khatam Quran...
I actually packed it in a thank you wrapper with ribbons and I forgotten to snap that......
Flavors were Bluberry,Banana and Chocolate Chip.

I appreciate the support from Shikin as she has been my regular customer.
Terima kasih daun keladi...Shikin beritahu ye kalau nak lagi....ha ha.....boleh tahan.....