Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love for orange cake with dark chocolate buttercream- JINI

Hello all...Anniversary how lovely.....I bake this for a colleague Jini who was celebrating their 12th SILK wedding anniversary....Jini wanted orange cake but i add in marmalade and reduced the sugar and for icing she wanted dark chocolate with orange taste so that was what I did.I took more then an hour looking at the baked cake on how to decorate it, and came up the idea of making white heart chocs from my new silicone mould...(wow 1st for you Jini) and it turn out very well...(i use beryl white choc).....I am very happy the way it turn out n I hope and wish a        Happy 12 Anniversay to JINI & RAMESH  29 january 2010 with love from Aida


Aida's Kitchen said...


Yish said...

Just a note…

I have to tell you that this one of the best cakes I have ever had in such a long time.

The chocolate icing was to die for and it complimented the rich orange marmalade inner so perfectly.
The cute white chocolate with small red hearts was too cute to eat, but we ate them anyway!

So yummy!

You helped make our anniversary a special one.

Thank you!

Aida's Kitchen said...

Thank you so much Yish ....I am honoured totally....This is what passion is all about....