Friday, April 30, 2010

Marble Chocolate Muffins with Chocolate Buttercream

My repeat customer and a very happy go lucky neighbour Shikin made this order for her son's Danish contribution at school.I hope Danish and his friends enjoyed it.
Thank you again Shikin........I know Shikin is smilling.....,,,,layanz.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hantaran and photoshoot of my princess Shima Shafinaz engagement

The floral arrangements was done by me.....shy away amateur at work....hantaran by me, Ruby and Ida.
It pays all the hardwork and I am please.
To my princess Shima Shafinaz look radiant and as ever sweet sayang.To Izhar welcome to the family...

Cakes for my daughter's engagement 24 April 2010

Alhamdullilah.....just to share this auspicious moments last Saturday for my daughter's engagement to Izhar.

I would like to thank my sisters Zaza and Shida for their time and help.And also to Ruby and Ida all the way from Singapore and their family...I cannot imagine without Ruby thank you for the cakes and your kerja tangan and to Ida I owe you for your help and the beautiful cakes.
To Zai, thank you too for the tarts everyone love it as it was very tasty.
To Kak Aini and Cik Mud thank you also for the tapai and kuih kochi.....
Everything went well and I am glad that is over.
Thank you to all that attended and make this day a memorable one.
These are some of the cakes and cupcakes I made for the day plus the others that had contributed.
From the bottom of my heart and my family would like to say again it was awesome,Terima Kasih.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My New Baby.........

Yippy yeaaaa..............after all the agony of using the manual mixer I received these belated birthday gift from my was a surprise and it made my Kenwood its baking all the way.......thank you sayang love you all very much............

Chocolate Moist Cakes for 3 different orders.......1 day in a row.......

I would like to thank Ita from Seremban for the first 2 orders for her niece and friends....She was recommended to me by Kak Aini from Aunty Ainis..thank you Kak Aini.......I am glad they were very happy with the cakes....
The last Moist Chocolate mix with white chocolates was for Emilyn from Hawk Rent A Car.. it was her birthday and I sent the cake thru Huda my very dedicated sister here in Nilai......I received an sms from Emilyn - the cake was delicious.....thanks Emilyn.......
To top up the story for the 3 above cakes, whilst getting all these done my antique Kenwood which belongs to my mum went haywire n kaput...*** sigh***...panicking but lucky I had my manual mixer......and got all done......* a day's in a bakery world, you are bound to go thru these*.....Alhamdullilah I got thru it.......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am sorry.......

These orders came from Sam-KLIA..She is getting it for someone....It is the sweetest thing to do when you say sorry and patch up......Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream flower and almond cupcakes for makan makan.Thank you Sam ...I hope thibgs will turn up well for you....Salam Kak Aida

Umar turn 4 years old....

This orders came from Fairuz ( my daughter's friend) for her nephew's birthday....100 chocolate cupcakes with different design.....Thank you Fairuz & sister...Happy 4th Birthday Umar ...enjoy ya

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Milk and White Almond Chocolate Seashells

Milk and White Chocolates mixed with almond
Different type of packaging available for doorgift, hantaran n other occasion.
Do contact me for pricing.

Praline Chocolates for corporate gifts,door gifts in pieces set of 2,4,12,30 and 50.

Chocolate pralines requested by Puan Zieta - Nilai for her corporate clients....
Various flavors and with milk and white chocolates....
Packaging range from 2 pcs, 4 pcs, 12 pcs , 30 pcs and 50 pcs.
Different types of box flavors,mould patterns and packaging to meet your requirement.
Interested do call me 019-3910259 for pricing.

Choc Moist Chocolate Cup Cakes with Chocolate Fondant and simple decor

Cuppies were for OCBC customer service team for their farewell event to 2 staffs..

Thank you Shima & friends....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carrot cake & Spiderman Lollichocs

Shikin wanted a simple carrot cake for her parents and I did this.Not so much of the looks but this client has been one of my regulars coz' this is her 3 time ordering the same type..Tq Shikin.
Spiderman Lollichoc is for Zana Mont Kiara......Tq Zana

Agnes Calier & hubby Renault - French reporter

As usual every year when the Formula One race is back, I have my regular client, visitor and friend.
Agnes and her husband Renault.....She works as a reporter for one of the media and she covers F1.
I bake these cuppies for them since they arrived quite late and staying at Empress Hotel so the cuppies come in handy .....results...both love it so much...Thank you was lovely meeting you again.

Basic Cupcake Student- Norma 29 /3/2010

Meet Norma from Desa Jasmin.She wanted to learn basic cupcakes handson and she made it.
Thank you Norma and all the best ....